We help local communities in Nepal to help themselves

Foundation Nepal is an Irish based development organisation working to improve the lives of those living in poverty in Nepal. From its inception of programme work in 2008, Foundation Nepal’s focus has been on working for women and the most marginalised, particularly ‘untouchable caste’ Dalits. Foundation Nepal works in partnership with local communities to realise their basic needs and ensure participation in their own development.

Humla, Nepal

Case Studies

Jasulli, 20, lives with her husband and other family members in Ward No. 3 of Thehe VDC. During the early stages of Jasulli’s first pregnancy she experienced abdominal pain and could not eat.

Frightened by some of the villagers’ stories that the baby could be abnormal, Jasulli sought care from the village’s elderly traditional birth attendant, but her health did not improve and she continued to feel anxious.



Our goal is to build an enabling environment for poor women, and pro-poor economic growth, sustainable diversified livelihoods, increased voice and participation.